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Our Vision is to Make it Easier to experience the World & empower group leaders to bring travelers along

Our Story

We are an diverse team with a passion for travel and technology. We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. 

So we are building technology to empower YOU to create the transformational experiences that will change the way your travelers see the world.

The photo above is just some of our Melbourne team. We are a remote company with staff all over the world. We live to travel as much as you do!

destination wedding, Jordan

Transformational Travel – Founder Story

In the end the trip was better than I could have dreamed even when things didn’t go to plan. I encourage everyone about to embark on a new venture to test with a friendly audience and challenge themselves to do the impossible, it makes you feel like you can do anything, and that’s transformational travel.

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Get to know the team below

Jen Fein - Co-founder & CEO

Jen Fein is the product visionary behind YouLi and epic group travel planner

After years of building digital products as an engineer and product manager for others, she’s now determined to make software that empowers passionate people to create unique group travel businesses.  She met her co-founder Bron at a #shehacks event in Melbourne. Together they are building YouLi, the platform for group leaders that want to change the way travellers see the world.

She is also the co-author of Ready to Start? Becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia

Bron Thulke

Bron Thulke - Co-founder & 

Bron Thulke takes our designs from concept to vivid reality. 

As our Lead Platform Developer she has taken our product from concept, to working prototype to minimum viable product and now reliable software as a service (SaaS) platform

Without her keen eye for aesthetics, her mastery of frameworks and ability to make it all work smoothly, we wouldn’t be delivering the online experience our clients expect.


Caitlin Wynne brings her Danish trained design skills to bear on the interesting challenge of making complex information easy to access. Her ability to quickly mockup designs that are pleasing to look at and provide the right user experience is key to YouLi’s success. She creates the views that bring our boring data models to life and makes it look so easy!

Geoff Craig - Customer Success

Geoff Craig is a passionate global traveler and cricket tragic. 

He is also a channel sales professional with over 20 years experience in hardware, software and services. He’s bringing YouLive to Travel technology to the travel and experience businesses that are ready to scale their group travel and unique travel offerings.

viktoria ayrapetyan - marketing & community

Viktoria is a digital nomad with the child-like curiosity for the world. and a passion for creating authentic bonding experiences.  

Viktoria connects YouLi planners with the community by sharing stories and hosting monthly meetups. 

Azi Fakhfoori - full stack development

A skilled full stack software developer with years of experience in all stages of software/application  development. 


Dr. Paul Boxer is a Melbourne Angel, the founder of Sentient Vision Systems and an eternal optimist. He brings his years of experience as an engineer, an 🤖AI researcher and a serial entrepreneur. 

He’s also the co-author of Ready to Start? Becoming an Entrepreneur in AustraliaHe works with startups in Australia, like YouLi, through his incubator Sentient Inception

Steph Gaddin is the founder of Rocking Rose, co-founder of Network Buddy, and IT “Yoda”. She helps startups use technology to scale rapidly without flying apart at the seams, or losing the human touch.  

John Merakovsky built and sold an Australian startup in the first internet wave, built the Experian Marketing Services business in APAC and is now the CEO of Loyalty Pacific Pty Ltd.

Paul Baron is a Melbourne Angel, President of the Australasian chapter of IFITT (International Federation of IT travel & Tourism) and was previously Head of Digital at Visit Victoria.

He is working with startups, like YouLi, in travel and digital technology to help them take over the world. 🚀

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