How To Create A Travel Website With YouLi

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YouLi Software for Group Trips

You have several amazing group trips planned. Now you need to turn those itineraries into online travel brochures and start promoting your trips online. YouLi – Group Travel Made Easy has made creating a travel website with unlimited travel brochures as simple as 5 easy steps. Brochure mode allows you to plan trips and publish Trip Pages™ with:

  • UNLIMITED itineraries (including your templates)
  • BRANDED colors and logos
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Up to 3 TRIP TASKS for travelers (with payment reminders and task analytics)
  • Email and chat SUPPORT

Once you have created a Trip Page™, you can:

  • List it on your Trip Shop
  • Share it on Google, social media and email campaigns
  • Print Itineraries and flyers
  • Invite travelers via personalized Magic Links
  • Track your Trip Page visitors
  • Collaborate with partners
  • Schedule automated payment reminders
  • Assign tasks to travelers
  • Monitor travelers’ activity
  • Save Trip as a TEMPLATE to re-use for future departures

Use Trip Pages™ as Brochures for free, only pay when you finalize trip price and start collecting payments. YouLi was designed to empower tour operations and help group leaders with no web development skills present their trips online in a concise and visually attractive way. Allow YouLi travel platform take care of the tech, so you can spend more time on delivering incredible experiences.

YouLi travel website (Trip Page™) helps business owners streamline itinerary updates, logistic operations, document exchange, and communications on the go – Free to start. No credit card, no commitment required.

Trip Page™ Example