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Nick Vannello - GoNaked Magazine & Travel Events

Nick Vanello

Nick Vannello is a US based business and life coach with a wide community around his branded GoNaked Magazine and regular community events. In January 2020 Nick has decided to offer immersive travel events.  

GoNaked travel events are transformational multi-day private retreats that provide safe and fun environment for men to self-explore and create unique bonds within the community. 

“My passion is teaching, but my PURPOSE is to give others permission to be who they dare to be.” – Nick Vannello

"When I came to find YouLi I thought: "Oh my God, here is my perfect ALL-IN-ONE solution for building SALES PAGES, and collecting DOCUMENTS and all of the stuff that I hate doing. It's all here!"
Nick Vannello
GoNaked Magazine, Founder

The Challenge

As a solo entrepreneur, Nick need a simple effective solution to process all the administrative work related to retreat planning and look beautiful online, while connecting with clients and growing his business. 

GoNaked Magazine - YOuLi clients

The Solution

Nick has learned about YouLi group travel software during the webinar for ambitious retreat planers hosted by YouLi Academy, and quickly saw the opportunity for his group destination events. Here is HOW YouLi empowers group trip planners like Nick Vannello.   

Before YouLi

Manual payments

Bookings are collected via email, personal call, or a PayPal transfer with a fee.

Manual Room Inventory Management

Retreat planner shares room images. Once the guests reply, the rooms are assigned manually.

Email forms & Waivers

Retreat planner emails forms and waivers to guests

Double Entries

Guests email their questionnaires. The retreat planner collects that information, copies and enters it into Excel for tracking.

expensive web develoment

Before discovering YouLi Nick paid $500 for a single sales page to an independant web developer.

Powered by YouLi


AS a part of Crew package retreat planners receive a free white-labelled website that is seamlessly integrated with YouLi Trip CRM and booking and customer engagement platform. All trips are

EASY payments with 0% booking fee

All payments are processed and recorded inside the planner dashboard with 0% bookings fees

easy bookings

Guests can view, pick their favorite room, and pay for it on the spot. Travelers will also receive automatic reminders about the upcoming payments and tasks.

all-in-one Document Hub

All files and documents are assigned to individual guests and securely saved within YouLi (with anytime access). All documents, itineraries, people, are payments are accessible via simple dashboard

better prepared travelers

"It is simple to set up from the planning side, it’s a really good experience for the trip participant and is simple to use.
It’s intuitive, it’s directive with tasks and input required, it has automated reminders which will be so helpful to us, the user interface is appealing, it’s helpful for the various levels of users."

ready to grow

All trips can be easily duplicated and turned into templates or quotes for future dates. Unlimited trip templates are perfect tool for solo entrepreneurs and small tour operators.

youli trips
"YouLi is the only app I can recommend! Not only is the platform solid, they are constantly improving upon their products based upon customer suggestions. The customer service is outstanding and the training options are out of this world."
Nick Vannello
GoNaked Magazine, Founder

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